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Do You Have A Travel Fee?

Our travel fee is $50.00

per artist assigned to the reservation. 

Do You Have a Minimum Booking Requirement?

We have a 5 person Hair and Makeup Minimum for Fri-Sun reservations. 

Do You Offer Airbrush Makeup?

If suited for your skin type you may do airbrush if preferred , although we do suggest traditional application in most cases and can guarantee the same longevity benefits as airbrush with a softer look.

What's The Largest Group You Can Accommodate?

Because we have a large Team we can accommodate any party size with no issues. 

Is It Okay to Get A Spray Tan?

Yes, we do suggest skipping the face though and we can color match you to match your tan. If you need some spray tan recommendations let us know and we can give you our recommendations.

How Should I Arrive For My Appointment?

You will want to prepare for your appointment by having freshly washed and completely dry hair, as well as no makeup and exfoliated lips!

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